Release Date: November 15, 2017 , Duration: 11Min 32sec

Cute housewife Yui Ayana gets put into a cute pink apron while wearing nothing underneath. Her lover starts rubbing her nipples and at first she is embarrassed but starts moaning after getting horny. He turns her around and starts squeezing her jiggly butt. Her tits pop out and he gladly starts kneading and pinching them. She is on the floor and her hairy, dripping wet slit is getting teased and stimulated. Horny and hungry for cock she gets her lover’s pants down and starts sucking. It quickly gets hard and she seductively looks at him. While the cock gets thick and goes deeper down her throat she uses one hand to rub then drill deep into her pussy. She moans so seductively while getting near her peak. Feeling the cock throb and getting warmer she uses her hands to jerk it off and gets sprayed with cum.

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