Release Date: April 13, 2017 , Duration: 27Min 26sec

Bad luck babe Yayoi Yoshino was on her way to school when she got into the bus that was hijacked. While getting molested and kneaded up by the men inside she thought that the safest and quickest way out of the situation was to listen and do anything they say. Her hands are cuffed to a pole and the men want to take a good look at her gorgeous, teen body. After unbuttoning her and exposing her massive tits they starts squeezing and pinching her prominent nipples. They tease and lick her up before moving down to her white panties, revealing her completely shaved slit. After stretching out and taking a good look at both of her holes they get nasty and start sucking and fingering. The hijackers find kinky toys and use them on her before finally sticking their cock deep into her and treating her with cum.

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