Release Date: October 30, 2017 , Duration: 43Min 12sec

During the waking ceremony fir her husband Waka Kano leaves the room to bring food for the guests. Her father-in-law follows her and starts fondling and molesting her body while trying to make her confess what she did with her step-son the other day. Waka Kano denies everything and gets stripped and hardcore filled up. Her father-in-law drags her back inside and plops her down. Her massive tits get revealed while the guests watch. She asks the man to stop but he doesn’t care. All of her goodies are exposed and the other men start taking advantage of the situation. Her slit is licked up and she starts moaning while the men pay attention to her body. She gets put on leash and is humiliated while she has to suck and fuck everyone present. She gets spread and filled up by multiple cocks with loads of cum inside them.

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