Release Date: November 2, 2017 , Duration: 57Min 35sec

After having a fabulous debut and getting her throat cleansed by the talented sensei the cute, and helpful nurse Rino Asuka is back. This time she is wearing her uniform and Mr Tingga, a former patient of her is also called into the show. He talks about a new massaging tool he invented and after the cute nurse complains about pains in her neck the hosts laugh and conclude its time for the mat to return the kindness and make her feel better. In the next scene she is wearing a mask and is waiting for her massage. Her whole body gets rubbed. Slowly as both of then get horny then mas starts rubbing her slit and getting her naked while pinching and suckling on her nipples. After getting oiled up the other men join in and start using vibrating toys on her whole body before letting her suck cock and getting her filled with cum.

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