Release Date: June 11, 2016 , Duration: 56Min 07sec

The managers gathers up the last few customers Mai Mizusawa has served. Since they were so kind with her, last time it has been decided that they will get a special bonus. After boasting she has no panties and no bra on the boys get super excited. Since they all want to get horny at the same time they ask her to masturbate in front of them. On top of a table, she spreads her legs and then rubs her trimmed slit. Her shirt in unbuttoned and some of the men knead and punch her tits while the other half keeps pushing fingers inside her muff. They grab a ripe banana and start pushing it inside her slit, amazed by how it changes shape. After finding something cold to tease her with she cums hard. After stimulating her with toys they get rock hard and get her filled with multiple cocks.

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