Release Date: November 15, 2017 , Duration: 56Min 26sec

Busty babe Sayuri Mikami shares with us how, even thought she has massive tits she never had back and shoulder problems. The reason is that a famous manufacturing company offers her their products for free. In addition to getting payed she also gets gorgeous underwear. Even this morning she has been called over to try out new merchandise. She marvels at the gorgeous selection in front of her. After going to the changing room the young man can’t take his eyes off of her and we see every bit of her curvy body. Since the undies she tries out are small she is asked to come out and try out more models. Looking at her hot body the young man couldn’t contain himself and started kneading and sucking her tits. She gets pushed to the couch and she slit and tender clitoris get licked up. She is then fingered and fully used up after titty-fucking and getting drilled up.

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